The History of Whoo - Gongjinhyang In Yang 5pcs (Trial)

The History of Whoo - Gongjinhyang In Yang 5pcs (Trial)

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Whoo Gongjinhyang In Yang 5pcs (Trial)

*Essential Moisturizing Balancer

1. It is made of herbs which gives softness and moistness by supplying enough moisture to dry skin.
2. Perfected ancient royal methods that can make your skin smooth like the silk of royalties by balancing, clearing and creating more elastic skin.

*Essential Nourishing Emulsion

1. It is a herbal nutrition lotion that gives skin a lot of nourishment and moisturizing
feeling and gives radiance and vitality to the skin.

*Intensive Nutritive Essence

1. The herbal essence with royal silk extract gives skin overflowing nutrients and elasticity.
2. It hugs close to the skin helping to create beautiful facial lines.

*Intensive Nutritive Cream

1. Qi & Jin Cream is an Oriental Herb Nutritional Cream that protects facial firmness
from the facial outline damage can be caused by the flow of time.
2. A Secret Court ingredients nourish skins with energy from the deep inside.
*Intensive Nutritive Eye Cream (Wrinkle improvement cosmetic)

*Intensive Nutritive Eye Cream

1. It is a skin tightening eye cream that improves the elasticity around the eyes where
it is prone for the skin to get loose.
2. Exceptional wrinkle-reducing functional ingredients relieve the wrinkles of the eye area.


Essential Moisturizing Balancer - 20ml
Essential Nourishing Emulsion - 20ml
Intensive Nutritive Essence - 10ml
Intensive Nutritive Cream - 10ml
Intensive Nutritive Eye Cream - 4ml

How to use

*Essential Moisturizing Balancer
-In the morning and evening, dispense an appropriate amount of the product onto your palm and smooth it over the face. 

*Intensive Nutritive Essence
-After applying Balancer in the morning and evening, gently spread an appropriate amount along your skin texture.

*Essential Nourishing Emulsion
-After applying Essence in the morning and evening, dispense an appropriate amount of the product onto palm and slowly smooth over face.

*Intensive Nutritive Cream
-After applying eye cream in the morning and evening, gently spread an appropriate
amount along your skin texture.

*Intensive Nutritive Eye Cream
-Apply using a circular motion, patting lightly to promote absorption. Finish with a gentle eye massage.