Nature Republic Cotton Armpit Kit
Nature Republic Cotton Armpit Kit

Nature Republic Cotton Armpit Kit

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Nature Republic Cotton Armpit Kit
Underarm Scrub Wash 80ml and Underarm Whitening Cream 50ml
Kit includes : 
1. Armpit Scrub Wash is for deep cleansing of your underarms. This refreshing armpit scrub for exfoliating dead skin cells underarm. 
The product with AHA, Keratoline-C and other ingredients, green granules, and yellow granules remove dead skin cells on your underarm which is the main cause for ingrown hair. It also cools the underarm skin. 

2. Armpit Whitening Cream with natural ingredients such as green tea extract, it brightens your underarm skin. This is a whitening and deodorizing underarm cream with a comforting powdery scent. 

After shaving numerous times, your underarm skin will darken and look dull. 
Use this natural whitening cream whole year-round particularly during summer to make your underarm skin look soft and bright. 

You’ll never be afraid to raise your arms ever again. 

How to Use
Armpit Wash 80ml: 
  • Use when taking a shower or a bath. 
  • Wet the underarm area. 
  • Squeeze appropriate amount on your palm and with a circular motion, massage and lather underarm area. 
  • Rinse off.
Armpit Cream 50ml: 
  • After washing underarm, towel dry the area. 
  • Apply cream on the underarm with a circular motion and let it penetrate into the skin.