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    Etude House Perfect Brow Kit

    Etude House Perfect Brow Kit Net WT.  0.21 oz / 6g Three Toned Makeup Kit for Natural and Neat Eyebrows. It comes with 2 brown shades which you can blend to be able to get the perfect brow color you wanted and 1 brow highlighter.  HOW TO USE 1. Use built-in spoolie to groom brow surface. 2. Use the wide brush to gather and apply color to brow hairs along the direction of natural hair growth. 3. Use angled brush to define and extend color of eyebrow edges and tips. 4. Use the wide brush to gather and apply highlighter to brow edges and tips.

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  • 16Brand Duo Gradient Eyeshadow - Beauty Seoul NZ

    16Brand Duo Gradient Eyeshadow

    The two-tone eye-shadow compact comes with a stamp-size applicator, which allows users to swipe once to achieve a gradient from deep brown to a shimmery gold with one simple movement. Petite Blender Brush that perfectly fits your hand for various gradient looks, including natural, deep, and even smokey eye makeup depending on where you use the brush. Brush Shape: A round shape brush with the R-value that prevents artificial boundaries on the fan-shaped inner and outer corners of your eyes. Brush Lenght: It's vertical length - an optimal length for the best adhesion and shadow colori...

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  • Bbia Shade Shadow - Beauty Seoul NZ

    Bbia Shade Shadow

    Bbia Shade Shadow Powerful long lasting coating system which keeps your first makeup of the day as it is. Creates a perfect eye make up with a single color. Shimmering, silky, smooth texture and delicate ingredients that provides beautiful dark shiny shades. 

  • Etude House Play Color Eyes - Beauty Seoul NZ

    Etude House Play Color Eyes #wine

    Etude House Play Color Eyes A shadow palette that consists of 10 colors for a red wine look. How to use 1. Apply a base shade all over your eyelid.2. Apply the color that you want to stand out on your eye line, outer edges of your eyes, or use it as a gradation shade.3. Use sparkling shade to highlight the inner corner of your eyes, water line, brow bone, or other areas that you want to brighten up.

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