• Bbia Long Last Lip Moouse - Beauty Seoul NZ

    Bbia Long Last Lip Moouse

    Bbia Long Last Lip Mouse Velvet mousse texture, light like the air. Long lasting clear makeup with a long-wearing formula. Vivid color and gorgeous shining with a single touch. Soft apply feeling presents a light, comfy finish. Moist right after applying, getting a firm contracting with time. All day long vivid lip makeup as a lipstick. / Get a strong color and luxurious glossiness with a single touch. Improving weak points such as color fade, wrinkle, dead cell rising. How to use Gently apply adequate amounts on the lips.

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  • Bbia Shade Shadow - Beauty Seoul NZ

    Bbia Shade Shadow

    Bbia Shade Shadow Powerful long lasting coating system which keeps your first makeup of the day as it is. Creates a perfect eye make up with a single color. Shimmering, silky, smooth texture and delicate ingredients that provides beautiful dark shiny shades.