• 3W Horse Oil Eye Cream - Beauty Seoul NZ

    3W Horse Oil Eye Cream

    3W CLINIC Horse Oil Eye Cream Size:  40ml Wrinkle improvement / whitening dual functional cosmetics. Premium Jeju Horse oil and vegetable ingredients. Moisturizing and nourishing makes the skin around the eyes elastic and bright. How To Use Apply an appropriate amount to the eye area using your ring finger and tap it gently until it's absorbed by the skin. 

  • 3W Snail Eye Cream Anti Wrinkle - Beauty Seoul NZ

    3W Snail Eye Cream Anti Wrinkle

    3W Snail Eye Cream Anti Wrinkle An anti-aging cream that provides intensive skin care to the delicate area around the eyes.  Formulated with snail secretion filtrate, adenosine, and hyaluronic acid; minimizes the look of wrinkles and fine lines; smoothens and softens as it fortifies skin; boosts elasticity, moisturizes, and brightens; soothes with lavender flower extract. The major component of snail mucus takes care of skin aging by reinforcing skin’s own natural ability and makes skin lively by strengthening its anti-aging ability. PERFECT FOR: Preventing crow’s feet and dark circles ...

  • 3W Brown Rice Foam Cleanser - Beauty Seoul NZ

    3W Brown Rice Foam Cleanser

    3W CLINIC Foam Cleansing - 100ml Brown rice extracts keep your rough skin soft and moisturized, and soft voluptuous foam removes make-up residues and dead skin cells. Contained coenzyme Q10 ingredient penetrates deep into pores and soft voluptuous foam removes waste and makeup residues. How to use Put considerable amount to build up a soft and creamy lather and apply the foaming cleanser with fingertips in circular motion.  Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

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  • 3W Olive For Man Set - Beauty Seoul NZ

    3W Olive For Man Set

    3W Olive For Man Set Olive for man fresh skin gives nutrition and moisturizing effect to your skin after cleansing and shaving. It also helps tighten wide pores and manages sebum. It's a low alcohol, hypo-allergenic toner that alleviates the stress of men skin and prepares them for clean, trouble-free skin.  Olive for man fresh emulsion is a lotion for men that protect the skin from dryness and roughness by supplying oil and moisture to the skin which is easily tired of various harmful environment and stress. Contains Olive extracts that provide moisture,  soften the skin.  Plant ingred...

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